Goudsch Goed (Gouda's Good) is simple, pure and beautiful clothing. A wearable ode to our beautiful town and a lasting keepsake of our country's cheesiest city!

Goudsch Goed

Goudsch Goed (Gouda's Good) offers a growing range of products, aimed at Gouda. We started with shopper bags, shirts and rompers. Are you looking for a T-shirt with a real 'Gouda' print? The town hall for example, or a Stroopwafel (sirup waffle)? Look no further. In a short while, our product range will expand with more prints (yes, yes, cheese is coming!) and new products. Any tips or requests? Tell us!

Goudsch Goed delivers quality, and thinks sustainability is important. Our clothing has the Fair Wear label, and our bags are made of recycled materials. Are you in Gouda, and would you like to hold and feel our products before buying? Visit one of Gouda's many beautiful stores, and ask for Goudsch Goed!